Nutrition to Help Boost Brain Power – My Favorite Foods and Drinks

Are you in school and studying for a big exam? Are you a senior citizen who is concerned about memory loss? This podcast episode is for you! I share with you some of my favorite foods and drinks that have been shown to help boost brain power and improve your memory. Check it out!

Foods to Boost Brain Power

Discover ORGANIC INDIA: Interview with Amy Keller of ORGANIC INDIA USA

Hi friends! You’ve heard me talk all about the great products from ORGANIC INDIA…now I want you to hear more about this great company, straight from the source! Amy Keller is the Director of Education and Training for ORGANIC INDIA USA and in this episode of Authentic Self Wellness Radio, she tells us more about all of the great products that they have to offer. Enjoy!

Organic India Podcast Episode Graphic

Listener Q&A: Alternatives to energy drinks, macadamia nut oil, signs you need more omega-3 fatty acids, and foods that don’t need to be organic

Hi friends! Thanks so much for sending in all of your great questions. In today’s episode of Authentic Self Wellness Radio, I take some time to answer some of the ones that I think we could all use. I share with you the benefits of macadamia nut oil, healthy alternatives to energy drinks, signs that you may need more omega-3 fatty acids, and more. I hope that you enjoy this episode and keep those great questions coming!

Listener Q and A Episode 5 Graphic