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Daily Nutrition Nibble: Buy some Fresh Basil!

I love the way fresh basil tastes and smells! Did you know that there are many different types of basil including Sweet Basil, Holy Basil, Cinnamon Basil, and Lime Basil? Basil has been appreciated for it’s amazing healing properties for many years, including it’s antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Basil is also a concentrated source of iron, calcium, and potassium. For the most nutritious and best tasting basil, find a plant with the brightest and most colorful leaves.

Spice up your Life – The Healing Power of Basil!

Basil is one of my favorite herbs to grow in my little home garden! It has such a beautiful flavor and pairs nicely with many other spices. I add it to many different dishes including soups, pesto, salads and sauces. There are different varieties of basil including sweet basil (very popular in the United States and Europe), Thai basil, holy basil (I drink this as a tea), and East Indian basil. In addition to tasting great, did you know that basil has amazing healing properties? It has been shown that basil can help kill the bacteria that can cause acne and aid in the healing of wounds. Basil is also known to help prevent certain cancers and cholesterol problems. If you are suffering from eye problems, you can find many eye drops on the market that contain basil. These drops help relieve the symptoms associated with conjunctivitis and aid in the recovery from cataract surgery. Some studies have shown that the extract from basil leaves can help lower blood sugar levels, which is helpful for those with diabetes. Check out the fabulous basil leaves from MySpiceSage! Love them.


– Basil is a favorite plant in India and is carved into prayer beads called Tulsi beads.

– The flavor of basil pairs great with garlic, mint, oregano, saffron and thyme.

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