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Daily Nutrition Nibble: Nutrition for Lowering High Cholesterol

Do you have high cholesterol? Eat plenty of organically grown vegetables that are rich in nutrients like vitamin E, C, beta-carotene and niacin to help reduce cholesterol oxidation and LDL levels. Garlic and onions have been known to help reduce LDL levels as well due to their sulfur containing phytonutrients. Include oats, barley, nuts, chia seeds, and brown rice into your meals.

Authentic Food of the Day: Coconut Oil

I’ve been using coconut oil for a lot of things lately, and not just for cooking! I rub it on my lips, skin, and sometimes even my hair. I always love the way it tastes and smells; it reminds me of summer vacation! Coconut oil has powerful antimicrobial and antifungal properties. It has been shown that coconut oil can help ease the symptoms associated with throat infections, pneumonia, sinusitis, food poisoning, urinary tract infections, conjunctivitis, and stomach ulcers. Coconut oil has a neutral effect on blood cholesterol, even in situations where coconut oil is the sole source of fat. Remember that the saturated fats found in French fries are totally different than the health saturated fats in natural foods like coconuts. Coconut oil aids in the absorption of calcium, magnesium, and amino acids. When buying coconut oil, always go for the best; virgin or extra virgin coconut oil because then it is never hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated, and it is processed without high heat and chemicals.


  • Coconut oil has been shown to boost your immune system, keeping you healthy during cold and flu season.
  • In addition to promoting a healthy heart, coconut oil is known to improve your metabolism and energy production.
  • Populations that consume coconuts as a major part of their diet are rarely troubled by osteoporosis.

Authen-tip: Nutrition for Lowering Cholesterol

These days, there is a lot of talk about lowering cholesterol. I always take a food-first approach to all components of health, especially when it comes to the topic of cholesterol. I always stay clear of margarine and cook with pure butter, olive oil, or coconut oil. Sunflower and safflower oil are good options as well. I also eat foods that have been shown to lower cholesterol including apples, pears, figs, prunes, and bananas (always organic, if possible). If you are a nut-lover, try eating some raw almonds, walnuts, and sunflower seeds (unsalted). Oats and whole grains are good options for breakfast foods instead of bagels and sugary pastries. Some other cholesterol lowering foods include onions, Lima beans, and kidney beans. Garlic has been shown to help lower cholesterol, but if you don’t want to eat it, try taking it in supplement form.

Authen-tip: Nutrition for Healthy Cholesterol Levels

It’s reported by the CDC that over 71 million adults (over the age of 20) have high bad cholesterol levels. They also reported that only 23 million of these adults are taking the steps to get their cholesterol under control. If you have high cholesterol, the most vitals things that you can do is maintain a healthy weight and eat a diet full of nourishing foods. Include plenty of fresh organic fruits and vegetables in your diet and get into the habit of making daily juices and smoothies. Limit your consumption of alcohol, coffee, and nicotine, and stay away from pre-packaged and processed foods. Stay clear of table (refined) salt and watch your intake of aged cheeses and meats. Some cholesterol lowering foods to include in your diet include almonds, apples, carrots, olive oil, grapefruit, and oats. Snack on raw walnuts and fresh strawberries during the day. All of these nutrition tips can really help you out!

Authen-tip: Nutrition for High Cholesterol

If you are trying to lower your cholesterol, be sure that you are eating foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Studies have shown that foods like salmon, tuna, cod, and sardines can reduce cholesterol as well as the amino acid taurin, which may decrease cholesterol absorption in the intestines. If you don’t want to eat fish, you can get your omega-3 fatty acids by eating flaxseeds, chia seeds, cauliflower, and nuts. When I make my morning smoothies, I add  Barlean’s Lignan Flaxseed Oil for my daily dose of healthy fat. In addition to omega-3, be sure that you are eating nutritious organically grown vegetables that contain vitamin E, C, beta-carotene, and niacin. Such veggies could include carrots, sweet potatoes, and Swiss chard. Garlic and onions have been shown to contain phytonutrients that inhibit cholesterol synthesis and cranberries have been known to increase HDL cholesterol levels. Other great foods for lowering cholesterol include oats, barley, brown rice, cranberries, and legumes. Avoid foods that contain trans fat.