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Spice up your Life – The Healing Power of Cinnamon!

In my three years of being a nutrition blogger, I’ve found that when the topic of spices comes up, people get really excited about cinnamon. It’s such a delicious and warm flavor that compliments so many dishes! Did you know that in addition to tasting amazing, cinnamon has awesome health benefits? Believe it or not, it’s been said that cinnamon can help balance blood sugar levels. Cinnamon has also shown to have heart-protecting properties and aids in lowering the risk of diabetes. If you suffer from candida, cinnamon is very effective in fighting off the abundance of yeast that can take over the body. This spice has such powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that it can also aid preventing cancer and promoting swift wound healing. Ground cinnamon contains many nutrients including manganese, fiber, and calcium.


– Eating cinnamon may boost your brain power! Studies have shown that chewing on something cinnamon or even just smelling it improved peoples’ cognitive function.

– Much of the cinnamon available at stores is not “true” cinnamon. It’s called Cassia cinnamon and is very similar to the real cinnamon called Cinnamomum verum. These spices look a lot alike but they differ in flavor. You can often find true cinnamon in Indian marketplaces or specialty spice shops found online.

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Nutrition Webisode: The Health Benefits of Margaux’s Favorite Holiday Spices

In this nutrition webisode, I will tell you about three of my favorite spices that are most commonly used this time of year and share with you the health benefits of each one. Cinnamon is known to help prevent inflammation due to aging. It’s also a good spice for regulating blood sugar levels. Cloves are a good source of manganese, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin K, and dietary fiber. Nutmeg is great for pain relief, boosting your brain power, and aiding in indigestion.