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Listener Q&A: Aloe vera juice, how to gel chia seeds, cooking artichokes, and plant-based sources of iron

In this episode of Authentic Self Wellness Radio, more of your questions are answered! We talk about the benefits of drinking aloe vera juice, how to prepare and cook an artichoke, the best way to gel chia seeds, and plant-based sources of iron. Enjoy!

Answering your Questions


Authen-tip: Nutrition for Anemia

Anemia is diagnosed when there are insufficient red blood cells or there is a lack of hemoglobin in the blood. This results in reduced oxygen getting to the cells which means that their function will decrease and become deficient in oxygen. Iron is needed to make hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to the cells. If you feel tired, breathless, dizzy, constipated, and look pale, you may have anemia. Other symptoms include cold hands and feet, brittle nails, poor hair health, and brain fog. Be sure that you are eating foods that are rich in iron such as amaranth, lentils, barley, almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, cage-free organic eggs, and chickpeas. You should also include plenty of green vegetables in your diet, especially leafy green ones. Sprinkle sesame seeds and kelp flakes onto your food for added nutrients. Ginger is also a delicious and beneficial ingredient to add to drinks or dishes.

Authen-tip: Including more Iron into your Diet

Are you looking to include more iron into your diet? Iron is important because it produces hemoglobin which transports oxygen throughout the body. It also helps keep our immune system strong, our memory sharp, and gives us energy needed to get us through the day. Incorporate more iron in your diet by eating fresh seafood (wild caught is best), cage-free organic eggs, beans, whole grains, leafy green veggies, nuts and seeds. Try added sunflower seeds to your salad instead of croutons and have some hard boiled eggs on hand for a healthy snack.