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Spice up your Life – The Healing Power of Paprika!

More than just a colorful garnish, paprika is a delicious spice that boasts many health benefits! Paprika is originally from South America although it is commonly used in many Spanish and Hungarian meals. It’s taste can range anywhere from smoked to sweet to very hot! I personally love using the Smoked Spanish Paprika from My Spice Sage. Yum! Paprika is typically sold in powdered form and is actually a ground pepper similar to bell peppers and chili! This tasty spice is loaded with vitamin C, a nutrient that is important for keeping our immune system strong and aiding in the absorption of iron. Paprika also contains an antibacterial protein to help keep those “bad bugs” at bay. In addition to it’s antibacterial properties, paprika can aid in improving circulation in the body. This is important for maintaining a healthy heart and normalizing blood pressure. Paprika can also improve digestion by stimulating the production of saliva and stomach acids.


– Paprika is the national spice in Hungary and is enjoyed it a variety of dishes including goulash, chicken paprikash, cheese, eggs, fish and pasta salad.

– The capsaicin found in paprika has anti-inflammatory properties, which can ease arthritis and joint pain.