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Nutrition to Help Boost Brain Power – My Favorite Foods and Drinks

Are you in school and studying for a big exam? Are you a senior citizen who is concerned about memory loss? This podcast episode is for you! I share with you some of my favorite foods and drinks that have been shown to help boost brain power and improve your memory. Check it out!

Foods to Boost Brain Power

Daily Nutrition Nibble

Pumpkins are everywhere! If you want to get creative and try out some recipes that use pumpkins as a main ingredient (I’ve seen recipes for pumpkin hummus, roasted pumpkin spears, and of course, roasted pumpkin seeds), be sure that you are picking out a pumpkin that is intended for cooking and not just for decoration. The typical pumpkins we use to make Jack-o-Lanterns are pretty stringy, moist, and hard to eat. Sugar Pumpkins and Cheese Pumpkins are best for baking and cooking due to their sweet flesh. Pumpkins can last for up to three months if you store them in a dry and cool place.

Nutrition Webisode: The Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

When Halloween is all over, don’t pitch your pumpkins! Save them for their seeds. In this webisode, I tell you about the health benefits of eating pumpkin seeds, how to roast them at home, and why we should include them in our diet as often as possible. Enjoy!