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Produce Pick: All About Summer Squash – The history, nutrition benefits, and ways to include it in your diet

It’s summer and that means it is time for lots of summer squash! You should be able to find this tasty veggie just about everywhere because it is ripe and in-season. In this Produce Pick episode of Authentic Self Wellness Radio, you will discover the history, benefits, and ways to include summer squash in your diet. Enjoy!

The Benefits of Summer Squash

Produce Pick: All About Onions – The nutrition benefits, history, and ways to prepare them

Onion lovers, rejoice! In this episode, we talk all about onions and discover why they are such a nutrient-dense food. You will discover their history, the best ways to select and store them, how to reduce the amount of tears you get when cutting onions, and their nutritional benefits. Enjoy!


Quick Tip: Don’t throw out those Onion Skins!

If you love onions, you  will love this tip! Don’t toss out those onion skins because they are loaded with nutrients to help you look and feel your best. If you would like some more great nutrition tips like this, be sure to tune in to my free ITunes podcast here.Onion Skins

Facebook GIVEAWAY: Win a Bag of ORGANIC INDIA Turmeric Powder!

You have heard me talk about the amazing health benefits of turmeric…now it is time for you to win some! Today I am giving away five bags of the lovely turmeric powder from ORGANIC INDIA. This powder is wonderful in a variety of recipes, including this soup below. I also like to add some to my tea! To enter, head on over to my Facebook page and look for the giveaway post. I will randomly select and announce the winners later today. Good luck! 

Nourishing Turmeric Pea Soup