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Free Recipe Card: Coconut Banana Oatmeal

Hi friends! Here is one of the many recipe cards you will receive as a student for my upcoming wellness class, Mood-Boosters & Mood-Busters: bit.ly/1kkaRDx! I’ll also send you a course handbook to download, full of all the topics and information we will be covering. Enjoy!


The Benefits of Commonly Used Spices

It’s time to spice things up! In this episode of Authentic Self Wellness Radio, we are talking all about those spices and seasonings that are commonly found in our spice racks. You will discover their benefits, history, and ways that we can incorporate them into our diet. Enjoy!


5 Fun ways to use Turmeric!

In this episode of Authentic Self Wellness Radio, discover five creative and fun ways to start incorporating the healing power of turmeric into your daily routine. From recipe ideas to face masks, you will be inspired to go out and get yourself some amazing turmeric powder!

turmeric graphic