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Tips on Managing and Losing Weight – No Dieting!

In this episode of Authentic Self Wellness Radio, I am talking about some of the things we can do to watch our weight. I share with you the steps that I recommend my clients take to help get their food cravings under control while nourishing their body.

weight loss

Inflammation, Stress, Digestion…we will cover them all!

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Stressed out? Can’t stop emotionally eating? Need more energy? It’s time to get healthy and happy! Be sure to enroll in this upcoming ONLINE workshop hosted by our very own Nutritionist Margaux J Rathbun, B.S., N.T.P.!

During this five-week online course (bit.ly/1kkaRDx), you will discover natural ways to improve digestion, manage stress, stop emotional eating, sleep well, and make the most delicious and nourishing meals possible. Topics will also include managing inflammation, juicing, making smoothies, how to stop feeding your feelings, the best way to grocery shop, and much more.

This course comes with:

– Exclusive access to Margaux’s weekly 30-minute webinar classes
– A beautiful handbook that you can download and use to follow along with the class
– A recipe eBook packed with delicious mood-boosting recipes
– 1 weekly 30 minute live chat with Margaux (to check on your progress)
– Weekly class bulletins sent to your inbox filled with ideas, inspiration, and affirmations

As an added bonus, each student will receive a Mood Boosting Care Package from me! These care packages are stuffed with fantastic healthy goodies and coupons for you to use as we go through the five-week course. I’ll also send you one of my reusable Authentic Self Wellness (ASW) lunch totes…they are pretty cute. Just a heads up that I can only send these to people living within the USA.

Class starts on January 3, 2016. Enroll now! bit.ly/1kkaRDx

Free Smoothie Recipe eBook and Scheduling Nutritional Evaluations – Quick Update!

UPDATES: Be sure to visit my new website MARGAUXJEAN.COM to schedule your personalized Nutritional Evaluation and to download a free copy of my eBook, 21 Simple and Sensational Smoothie Recipes.


Five Ways to Stop Mindless and Emotional Eating – Tips and Tricks to Keep your Snacking under Control

Got the munchies? Are you guilty of mindlessly eating? Don’t worry, it happens to us all! In this episode of Authentic Self Wellness Radio, you will discover my five tips to help get those cravings under control while nourishing your body with authentically healthy foods. Enjoy!

Five Ways to Stop Mindless Eating


Five Tips for a Healthy Road Trip – How to keep your diet in check while traveling

In about a week, I will be leaving for another two-week road trip across the USA. I’m super excited and I wanted to share the ways that I stay healthy while I am on the road. In this episode of Authentic Self Wellness Radio, you will discover the best snacks, meals, drinks and more to keep you feeling happy and energized while you travel.

5 Tips for a Healthy Road Trip!