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Nutrition Tips for Perimenopause

In this episode of Authentic Self Wellness Radio, I share with you some of my personal tips for dealing with perimenopause. We talk a lot about the best foods to eat and what key nutrients to incorporate into your diet. Enjoy!


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Authentic Product Pick: Natracare Feminine Products



This one is for all of you ladies! Today, we are talking about our periods. Yep! I’m talking about our monthly visitor that can be a real hassle to deal with. It’s a topic that nobody really wants to talk about but we really should. If you were like me, you usually run to the drug store and grab a box of conventional tampons or pads to use for when that time comes. You don’t think about what’s in the product or how it could affect your body and the planet. Well, guess what? You should!

Conventional feminine products, such as tampons and sanitary pads, are a source of a variety of potentially toxic ingredients. You wouldn’t know this because these manufacturers are not required to disclose the ingredients used in their products! A number of the plasticizing chemicals found in tampons and pads have been linked to a variety of health problems including endocrine disruption and disease processes associated with heart disease and cancer. They also contain perfumes and additives that can irritate your body and cause a variety of frustrating symptoms. That’s why I have made the switch to Natracare…and you should too!

Natracare products are fabulous because they are made with only natural materials.They don’t contain any chlorine, additives, perfumes, or plastics! Why is this important? Many women suffer from skin allergies, soreness, or irritation during any given month. These symptoms can be much worse during their period. That’s why a lot of gynecologists recommend that women who experience these symptoms change their period products to Natracare. I personally did this and I couldn’t be happier! Like me, many women have found relief after making the switch because their bodies aren’t being irritated by harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients. Natracare products only use certified organic cotton which means your body won’t absorb any harmful pesticides, herbicides, or dioxins. How cool is that? Getting your period is a pain already so your feminine products shouldn’t make it any worse!

Not only are Natracare products beneficial for women, they are helpful for the environment. Dioxin pollution is a big problem that affects our air, water, soil, and plants. It is caused through various industrial processes that include the bleaching of materials used to create paper products like tissues, pads, and tampons. That’s why Natracare never uses chlorine in any of their products! Their products are also biodegradable and compostable, which saves them from ending up in a landfill! Did you know that over 45 billion sanitary pads are disposed of ever year? Place these thrown-out products from end to end and they would stretch all the way to the sun! That’s a lot of unnecessary waste that we should all avoid.

Natracare offers a variety of tampons and pads to choose from, most of which are available at your local health food store. They also sell some amazing Make-Up Removal Wipes that are free from harmful chemicals. I started using these wipes at night and was amazed by how soft and clean they made my skin feel. They are formulated for women with sensitive skin and they won’t dry out your face like other conventional wipes.

Learn more by visiting the Natracare website at www.natracare.com. I also recommend that you check them out on Facebook and like their page. Trust me. Give these products a try the next time your period comes around. You (and the Earth) will be happy that you did!

Authen-tip: Nutrition for Endometriosis

Endometriosis symptoms include painful periods, heavy flow, lower back pain, fatigue, and difficulty becoming pregnant. If you experience this, be sure to eat a diet full of authentically healthy foods including lentils, beans, organic vegetables, and seaweed. Also include raw nuts, seeds, brown rice, chia seeds, and quinoa in your diet. Essential fatty acids will help improve hormonal imbalances, so be sure to eat fresh fish or take an omega supplement. You can also include pineapple in your daily diet as it can help with managing inflammation.  Foods rich in zinc will also be very beneficial. Try eating kelp, wheat germ, pumpkin seeds, peas, and cage-free organic chicken.

Authen-tip: Nutrition Tips for Menstrual Cramps

Is it that time of the month again? Are those pesky period cramps creeping up on you? Period pain is caused when the uterine muscles spasm after dispelling the lining (endometrium). Fortunately, nutrition plays a big role in how we experience our periods every month. If you are experiencing nasty cramps, you may have an imbalance of of hormones and be low in calcium and magnesium. Be sure that you eating foods like Swiss chard, kale, broccoli, cherries, beets, and pumpkin seeds. It is also important for women to include plenty of riboflavin (vitamin B2) in their diet, especially around the time of their periods. This is because it has been shown to boost the hemoglobin levels in women with heavy periods. Some great foods that are rich in vitamin B2 include crimini mushrooms, spinach, romaine lettuce, celery, and collard greens. You can also incorporate riboflavin in your diet by eating raspberries and green peas. Stay clear of pre-packaged foods, refined carbohydrates, dairy, sweets, and alcohol.

Authen-tip: Foods for Fertility

When it comes to fertility, it is important to focus on eating a diet full of nutrient-dense foods. To get your body “baby-ready”, be sure that you are including plenty of folic acid in your diet. This can be found in foods like spinach, peas, brown rice, bananas, and asparagus. It’s also important to eat a lot of iron-rich foods like dark green vegetables and foods with calcium like quinoa and kale. Focus on your vitamin C and vitamin A intake by eating berries and carrots. Essential fatty acids found in chia seeds, avocados, and nuts are also important for pregnancy. Protein is also vital for building muscle, tissues, and antibodies for you and your baby. Get protein from spirulina, nuts, sprouted seeds, Brewer’s yeast, and barley grass.