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Workplace wellness programs

Wellness in the Workplace

In my 10 years of being certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, it warms my heart to see how many businesses care about the wellness of their employees! After all, studies have shown workplace wellness programs can lead to fewer sick days, an increase in productivity and a boost in workplace moral. That’s why I’ve been hired to speak at a variety of businesses around the world, including large corporations, small local businesses and well-known retail stores. I have also designed customized workplace wellness programs that include one-on-one nutrition evaluations, online cooking demonstrations and digital downloads, all focused on promoting wellness within the workplace.

I have a unique approach to teaching wellness in the workplace. I have always believed that everybody is different and every BODY is different. We all have our own set of needs, wants and values. Some people are looking to achieve weight loss while some want to gain more energy. Some of us adhere to a plant-based diet while some of us eat meat with every meal. That’s why I never “preach” a particular type of diet to my workshop attendees. Instead, I provide science-backed wellness information and inspiration that encourages people to take steps towards a happy and healthy life.

Digital Wellness Workshops Available

In addition to hosting in-person workshops, I am available to create digital wellness programs for your company. This includes webinars, online courses, eBooks and other wellness-oriented digital downloads. If this is of interest, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Workshops - Available individually or as a series

Energizing Wellness

Wellness Workshops, Wellness Speaker, Workplace Wellness

Ladies and gentleman, start your engines! It's time to get pumped-up about eating nourishing foods. Discover all of the ways a healthy diet can increase our energy levels and boost our productivity. This 60-minute workshop includes energizing snacks and drinks.

Stress-Busting Wellness

Wellness Workshops, Wellness Speaker, Workplace Wellness

It's time to chill. Stress is an epidemic that affects nearly 1/3 of all US adults. Not only can stress impact the way that we think, act and feel, it can lead to a variety of health issues. Discover natural ways that you can reduce stress while rejuvenating your body with stress-busting foods. This 60-minute workshop includes soothing snacks and drinks.

Mood-Boosting Wellness

Wellness Workshops, Wellness Speaker, Workplace Wellness

This is one of my most popular workshops! Discover how our diet directly impacts our moods, for better or for worse. Learn how nourishing foods, drinks and supplements can promote a positive mood, helping us look and feel our absolute best. This 60-minute workshop includes positively nourishing snacks and drinks.

Gut-Healthy Wellness

Wellness Workshops, Wellness Speaker, Workplace Wellness

I've got a gut-feeling that you're going to like this workshop! Did you know that proper digestion is the foundation for health and wellness? Discover how we can keep our guts healthy and happy with nourishing foods, drinks and supplements. This 60-minute workshop includes gut-friendly snacks and drinks.

Cheers to your Wellness

Wellness Workshops, Wellness Speaker, Workplace Wellness

It's time to toast to your health! This specialty workshop is all about nourishing beverages and how they can benefit our bodies. Discover tasty tea, energizing elixirs and soothing smoothies. You will also learn about the importance of hydration and why conventional beverages can impact our health in negative ways. This 60-minute workshop includes a sampling of various non-alcoholic drinks.

Cooking for Wellness

Wellness Workshops, Wellness Speaker, Workplace Wellness

Is microwaving your food healthy? Does roasting veggies destroy the nutrients? Is eating a raw food diet really the way to go? All of these questions will be answered as you discover the best ways to cook and prepare nutrient-dense meals. This 60-minute workshop includes a potluck style meal, where event attendees are encouraged to bring in their favorite healthy recipes to share with the group.

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